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About Us

LiveArts Santa Fe was founded in 2017 as a response to the announcement that Santa Fe University of Art and Design (SFUAD) would be closing. Former College of Santa Fe (CSF) faculty member Cheryl Odom and alum Rueben Greenwald started a grassroots movement called #SaveTheGreer, which mobilized alumni from both colleges, and members of the local performing arts community to ensure that the Greer Garson Theatre Center remained a performing arts venue. The movement was incorporated as LiveArts Santa Fe in 2019, and became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2023. With a mission to inspire, engage, and transform, LiveArts is working to create a vibrant and inclusive arts community through innovative performances, education, and accessible spaces. The organization is committed to bringing fresh perspectives to the arts and is poised to revitalize the Greer Garson Theatre Center to make it a hub for creativity and culture in the 21st Century.



To inspire, engage, and transform a multi-cultural, neurodiverse, and multi-generational audience through innovative and inclusive theatrical work, professional education in theatre and film, and accessible performing arts spaces that welcome diverse local, regional, and international voices to create and explore.

We strive to recreate and enhance the legacy of the Greer Garson Theatre Center; re-envisioning performing arts for the 21st Century and reinventing styles of presentation more fitting to today's audience. We will accomplish this effort in a variety of innovative ways: creating a two-year accredited conservatory program (LiveArts Conservatory), a resident professional repertory company (LiveArts Rep), and holding space for local and international artists (LiveArts Community Programs).


Engage audiences at all stages of life with entertaining and affordable programming that starts a conversation and builds new bridges between cultures. Our engagement welcomes current theater goers and expands to those who are still discovering the value of live performance.

Inspire both artists and audiences to be artistically linked to their community and to elevate Santa Fe's reputation as a vital performing arts destination. Santa Fe has been recognized as one of the best arts cities in the world. We will enhance that excellence by providing a vibrant, accessible performing arts center that propels Santa Fe’s established reputation beyond the visual arts.

Transform the expectations of traditional theatrical work, structures, and concepts with visionary new pieces and fresh interpretations of the past. In this space we create brave work with disenfranchised voices that include all races, genders, and abilities.

Founding Members

Meet the visionary trailblazers who laid the foundation for our creative journey – the esteemed founding members of LiveArts Santa Fe. With passion, dedication, and a shared commitment to fostering artistic excellence, these individuals brought to life the vibrant tapestry that defines our organization. Each founding member contributed a unique blend of expertise, creativity, and unwavering enthusiasm, shaping LiveArts Santa Fe into the cultural cornerstone it is today. As we celebrate the legacy of these pioneers, we invite you to explore the stories behind their contributions and the enduring impact they've made on our artistic community. Join us in honoring the spirit of innovation and collaboration that continues to flourish within the artistic realm, inspired by the indelible mark left by our extraordinary founding members.

Cheryl Odom 

Jim McGiffin 

Joshua Billiter

Vaughn Irving

Ron Straus

Talia Pura

Chris Leslie

Vanessa Rios y Valles

Joey Chavez

Mark Westberg

Ana Gallegos y Reinhardt

Karen Ryan

Yusef Seevers

Rosalia Triana

John Flax

Reuben Greenwald

Rulan Tangen

Argos McCallum

Malcom Morgan

Laura Garrett

Ellen Fox

Chris Conard

Justin Gordan

Nico Ballas

Robert Benedetti

Heather Hunter

Erik Sampson

Kita Mehaffy

David Stallings

Timothy B Rode 

Johnathan Roybal

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