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Marguerite L. Scott

Youth Programs Director

Marguerite Louise Scott is a distinguished playwright, performer, and artist activist whose dynamic career spans across creating, administering, and educating within the realms of theatre and storytelling. With a profound commitment to empowering marginalized voices, Marguerite has dedicated her life to working with at-risk kids and teens, low-income women, and individuals in homeless shelters. Through her innovative workshops, she harnesses the transformative power of theatre and storytelling to uplift and amplify the voices of those she works with.

Professional Journey

Marguerite's artistic contributions have left indelible marks in various cities across the United States. Her plays and solo pieces have graced stages in Santa Fe, New York City, Boston, Durango, and Portland, showcasing her versatility and depth as a playwright and performer. A hallmark of her career is the initiation and facilitation of the 52nd Street Replication Project in collaboration with Coyote Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts, a testament to her leadership and commitment to community-engaged theatre.

Educational Impact

As a fervent educator, Marguerite has played a pivotal role in shaping the lives of young individuals through the arts. Her extensive teaching resume includes:

  • Young Playwrights Project/Young Creators Project: Spearheading these initiatives to nurture young talent in playwriting and performance.

  • 52nd Street Project, NYC: Assisting at-risk inner-city kids, ages 7-14, with playwriting and performance, fostering creativity and confidence.

  • Portland Public Schools After School Program: Teaching acting and performance, enabling at-risk children ages 6-12 to create and perform their own plays.

  • ABC Kids & Teens, Portland, Oregon: Directing on-camera acting workshops for a wide age range, from 4 to 18 years old.

  • The Painted Turtle, Mancos, CO: Educating on performing Shakespeare, improvisation, and puppet making, enriching the artistic skills of the young.

  • Mancos Renaissance Festival: Co-creating with kids ages 6-15 for live Renaissance Festival Performances, blending historical education with performance art.

  • The Cat, the Crab and Other Things, Abington, PA: Engaging grade school students in improvisational exercises and workshops through a touring improv group.

  • Newcomb Middle School and High School, Navajo Reservation, NM: Leading improvisation workshops, emphasizing the importance of creative expression in education.

  • State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota: Assisting in directing a Children’s Summer Theatre Camp, cultivating the next generation of performers.

Affiliations and Personal Development

Marguerite is a proud member of The Dramatist Guild of America, aligning with professionals who share her passion for the transformative power of theatre. Beyond her group endeavors, she offers private coaching to individuals across all age groups, tailoring her expertise to foster growth in acting, storytelling, and personal expression.

Marguerite L. Scott
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