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Talia Pura

Board Member, Theater Santa Fe Chair

Talia Pura has been a resident of Santa Fe since 2016, having previously lived and worked in Winnipeg, Canada as an Instructor of Theatre at the University of Winnipeg. During her 15-year career at the university, she designed and taught courses on integrating creative drama into elementary school curricula, teaching drama at the high school level, and producing plays and musicals in the high school setting. In addition, she also ran a government-sponsored youth in the arts mentorship program, which became a model for similar programs across Canada. Talia also maintained a professional artistic career as an actor, playwright, filmmaker, designer, director, and producer, as well as an aerial dance performer, with her works produced and shown locally and internationally.

As a filmmaker, Talia has written, directed, and produced nine short dramas, all of which have been screened at international film festivals, with several receiving TV licenses and distribution agreements. She has also published two textbooks for teaching drama, two books of monologues, numerous articles, critical theatre reviews, and several works of fiction, as well as having her plays included in several anthologies.

Talia is actively involved in the local arts community, serving as the president of the board of Theatre Santa Fe, the umbrella organization for all producing theatres in Santa Fe. She also serves as the ambassador for New Mexico of the Dramatists Guild of America, organizing meetings, workshops, and a reading series for local playwrights. In addition, Talia is the autistic director of Blue Raven Theatre, a company that produces theatre by and about women. She will be hosting the national festival of new works by female playwrights, 'Fearless Female Voices,' in March 2023.

Talia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, a Bachelor of Education in Theatre, and an MA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Playwriting. She also holds a diploma in Arts and Cultural Management from the University of Winnipeg.

Talia Pura
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