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Sylve Obledo

Senior Director, Committee Management at Shared Assessments

Inspired by parents who fought for those with no voice, Sylvie is drawn to roles of women empowering or oppressing the expression of others. She performs the compassionate and intelligent, the victim and villainess.

Sylvie's credits include the role of Dr. Pelz opposite lead actress Karen Young in Julie Reichert's "Warrior Woman". She played Sue Ellen, the tortured psychopath, in AJ Brown's short film noir. And recently starred in "Blood Relatives" on the Investigation Discovery channel.

Born in Texas, the daughter of a civil rights attorney and a nurse, Sylvie moved several times while growing up in the Southwest and on the East and West Coast. Enlivened by being on the move, she is a traveler and lives a bi-city life of Los Angeles and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Sylve Obledo
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