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Get to Know Us

As we gather in the spirit of artistry and connection, We extend to you an invitation to deepen your engagement with our community through the Sustainer Club. This is more than a membership; it's a partnership in preserving the enchantment of live theatre and ensuring its flourishing future. By joining, you become a vital part of our narrative, contributing to a legacy of artistic excellence and community outreach. Let's make history together, one performance at a time. Your involvement brings us closer, whether we meet in person, online, or through every shared story that touches our hearts. Sign up today, and let's #SaveTheGreer, ensuring our beloved theatre remains a beacon of creativity and hope for generations to come.


Support That Resonates
Choose Your Impact

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Lobby: $10 a month

  • Monthly Video Updates

  • One invitation to the annual Sustainer Club party

  • Get a free “I helped #SaveTheGreer” bumper sticker 

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We welcome you to explore the various levels of support within the Sustainer Club, each offering unique perks and opportunities to engage with our vibrant community. From exclusive updates to special invitations, your monthly contribution not only aids in #SavingTheGreer but also enriches your connection with the world of theatre.

Choose the level that reflects your commitment to the cause and become a cornerstone of our artistic family.



Mezzanine: $25 a month

  • All Lobby level awards

  • One additional invitation (total of 2) to the annual Sustainer Club party

  • Get a Tote Bag with “I helped #SaveTheGreer” 

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Be Part of The Story

Your support makes all the difference. Join the Sustainer Club today and take an active role in safeguarding the future of live theatre in Santa Fe. Together, we can ensure that the Greer Garson Theatre Center remains a space of infinite possibility, creativity, and community. For more information on our campaign, membership benefits, or to make a contribution, please visit our website or contact us directly. We are excited to welcome you to our family and look forward to creating unforgettable moments together.

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