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Rush Ticket Program

Rush Ticket

LiveArts is excited to launch our Rush-Tickets program, inspired by performance venues in larger markets. Through this program, we aim to provide greater access to the arts by offering a limited number of free tickets to select individuals for each of our mainstage and blackbox performances.

LiveArts is committed to making the arts accessible to the local community. The Rush-Tickets program will runs throughout the year. The goal is to create opportunities for individuals who may not have had the chance to attend live performances before, thereby fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts within our community.

We value the feedback and experiences of Rush-Tickets program attendees. We encourage participants to share their thoughts and impressions, which will help us continually improve and refine the program to better serve the needs of the community. Leave Your Feedback Here

Ticket Distribution

The free Rush-Tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Interested individuals must present a valid student ID, tribal membership documentation, or proof of residency within the eligible zip codes to claim their tickets. Tickets can be obtained either in person at the LiveArts box office.

Ticket Limitations

Each eligible individual is entitled to one Rush-Ticket per performance. This ensures that as many people as possible can benefit from the program and enjoy a diverse range of performances throughout the season.

Performance Coverage

The Rush-Tickets program encompasses all performances by LiveArts Rep and Conservatory, as well as performances by other organizations that rent LiveArts facilities. This allows for a wide variety of shows and events to be accessible to the community through the program.

Ticket Availability

For each mainstage performance, we allocate 30 complimentary tickets to be distributed through the Rush-Tickets program. Additionally, for each blackbox performance, we will offer 8 free tickets. This ensures that a significant number of residents can experience the magic of LiveArts productions without financial barriers. 

Outreach and Awareness

LiveArts actively promotes the Rush-Tickets program through various channels, including our social media, local community organizations, schools, and tribal councils. This ensures that eligible individuals are aware of the program and have equal access to the opportunities it provides.

LiveArts is thrilled to launch this initiative and looks forward to welcoming students, tribal members, and residents  to experience the joy and wonder of live performances through the Rush-Tickets program.

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