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Board of Directors

Joshua Billiter

Joshua Billiter


It started when Joshua was a freshman in high school. As soon as he began his first theater classes, he fell in love with the technological side of the business.

Talia Pura

Talia Pura

Board Member, Theater Santa Fe Chair

Talia Pura has been a resident of Santa Fe since 2016, having previously lived and worked in Winnipeg, Canada as an Instructor of Theatre at the University of Winnipeg.

Mark Westberg

Mark Westberg

Board Member

Mark C. Westberg (SAG/AFTRA) is a Cum Laude graduate of the Santa Fe University of Art & Design, class of 2014, with a Bachelor of Arts in theatre performance.

Jonathan Roybal

Jonathan Roybal


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Joey Chavez

Joey Chavez

Board Member, Education Chair

Joey Chavez is a dedicated and experienced teacher, leader, and creative team player with a passion for theater.

Cheryl Odom

Cheryl Odom

Board Member, Alumni Chair

Cheryl has both a BFA in Acting and an MFA in Costume Design from UCLA.

Chris Leslie

Chris Leslie

Board Member

Chris is the Executive Artistic Director of Pandemonium Productions, a Non-profit Children’s Theatre in Santa Fe.

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board plays a pivotal role in guiding our organization's strategic direction, leveraging their vast experience and diverse perspectives. Comprising experts from various fields, they provide invaluable insights and oversight to ensure our continued growth and success.

Richard English

Freelance Writer

More coming soon!

Kevin Bowen

Executive Director of Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance

Kevin Bowen, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a multifaceted professional combining expertise in fitness and wellness with a strong commitment to human rights activism.

Roger Montoya

Executive Director of Moving Arts Espanola

Roger Montoya is a dancer, choreographer, and arts educator based in New Mexico.

Ellen Fox

Community Member

Ellen Fox is a renowned social worker and therapist who has dedicated her career to fighting social
injustices and empowering marginalized communities.

Karen Ryan

Medicare Outreach Coordinator at La Familia Health

As a business professional, Karen has extensive experience in Project Management.

Reuben Greewald

Co-Founder of LiveArts Santa Fe & Assistant Director of Marketing at the Mondavi Center | UC Davis

Reuben Greenwald holds a BA in Performing Arts from the College of Santa Fe and an MA in Education from California State University, Sacramento.

Elizabeth Sankarsingh

Strategy Advisor Wise Resource Development

Liz Sankarsingh is a dynamic arts advocate, fundraiser, and nonprofit consultant based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, with over eight years of experience in nonprofit arts administration.

Rolanda Brigham

Arts, Culture & Heritage Manager for City of DeSoto

Ro Brigham, based in DeSoto, Texas, is an experienced and vibrant professional in the arts, culture, and heritage sector.

Justin Gordon

Artistic Director New Canon Theatre Co.

Born in Bakersfield, California and raised in the picturesque Sierra Nevada Mountains, Justin fostered a love of story-telling from an early age.

Rulan Tangen

Founding Artistic Director of Dancing Earth Creations

Rulan Tangen is a renowned choreographer, performer, and cultural activist based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Malcom Morgan

Associate Director of Student Engagement at St. John's College

Malcom Morgan-Petty is a driven and enthusiastic higher education professional with five years of experience, currently serving as the Student Activities Coordinator at St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Ana Gallegos y Reinhardt

Executive Director of Wearhouse 21

Ana Gallegos y Reinhardt is a renowned arts educator, community activist, and award-winning producer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Vanessa Rios y Valles

Information Specialist at Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce

More coming soon

Sylve Obledo

Senior Director, Committee Management at Shared Assessments

Inspired by parents who fought for those with no voice, Sylvie is drawn to roles of women empowering or oppressing the expression of others.

Chris Conard

Technical Director of Fusebox Festival

Chris Conard is a multidisciplinary artist and technical director who has made a significant impact on the performing arts scene in Austin, Texas.

Yusef Seevers

Theater Teacher Allan Hancock College

A Detroit native, Yusef Seevers is an actor, dancer, singer, teacher, and entrepreneur.

Argos McCallum

Executive Director of Teatro Paraguas

Argos MacCallum has an extensive background in theater administration and production.

John Flax

Founding Artistic Director at Theater Grottesco

John Flax is the Founding Artistic Director of Theater Grottesco, and he is also a creator, performer, writer, director, and designer.

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